Change IncrediMail Account Settings

Change IncrediMail Account Settings in IncrediMail 2 for Windows 10

Change IncrediMail Account Settings in Windows 10

Change IncrediMail Account Settings in Windows 10 are as Follows:

  1. Open IncrediMail  in your device.
  2. Click on tools on top and Click email account from tools drop-down.
  3. Once the email account open you need to select the account you want to change and click properties and once the properties windows open you can see like:                :abc
  4. On this properties windows you need to click on server Tab on top
  5. Now your properties windows will looks like:          csad
  6. Now on this server tab you can change your user name. Check on the box My server requires Authentication .
  7. Now you can click on Advance Tab and it will looks like    Capture
  8. Once you confirm the advance window you need to change the port no of the outgoing mail (SMTP) from 25 to 465 and check the box where it says “This server requires a secure connection(SSL). Note: Don’t worry if you see the Incoming mail as(POP3) and  port number change from 110 to 995. This is normal, and It will happen when you check the box under that setting.
    Capture 2
  9. It will look like this now you have successfully change your IncrediMail work with new email settings
  10. If you need any assistance or support

Change Account Settings in IncrediMail

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Incredimail Phone Number Customer Service

Windows 10 for Incredimail tech Support number

Incredimail Customer Service and Technical Support Phone Number 1855 785 2511

Incredimail is a free email client program as like Outlook or Outlook Express is a free email application which having many cool features like spam mail filter, backup of all the retrieved emails to incredible mail server, Ad blocker, 24/7 security feature, Junk mail monitor, Customized email message, built-in animated snaps, etc. The application is available both in free and premium versions. A major difference between the free version to its premium version is, premium users are entitled to contact the Incredimail Customer Support Phone Number +1-855-785-2511 to get the live customer support assistance, where as its free users are not entitled to use that feature so they need Incredimail technical support online helpline to solving all technical issues help of technician don’t worry Incredimail customer service is available for all free users where easily find solution of their problems.

If we talk a bit about its features, the very first thing that we came to notice was its email built in background animation feature; it’s an impressive feature to get the attention of the mail receivers. On a quick survey regarding this, we observed that its competitors haven’t had such feature as like IncrediMail Background animations. The premium versions of Incredimail even have much more features than its free version.

The apps creator said that Incredimail is absolutely free from all the malicious links, adware and other malware. It’s a Microsoft Certified Product.

Incredimail is offering reasonable Incredimail customer support to its end users. The premium (Incredible Plus) users can resolve the issues through the Phone support mode. To talk with their technicians, simply type ‘Help’ tab and then select ‘VIP Support’. (Note: If you can’t find the ‘Help’ tab then click the word ‘Menu’ added in the Upper right corner of the Incredible Main window.

Alternate ways to contact the Incredimail Technical support +1-855-785-2511

As you know that around 70% users of Incredimail are subscribed for free. Those ones are not entitled to contact its support center either.

But still there are multiple alternate options are available to contact the Incredimail support for the free mail users.

Incredimail customer support Help Center page +1-855-785-2511

Like Outlook, Gmail – the incredible mail also maintaining support Help Center page furnished with the solutions for all the frequently occurring questions.

Find the answers by section wise or simply search for the answer by searching with a relevant keyword in the search bar added to the top of that page.

Incredimail customer support via Forum

If the information provided in the Mail support help forum didn’t seems good. Then use this forum option to contact the incredimail technical support. Make sure that the query that you are going to add in the site was not asked by anyone before. In case anyone asked that same query before you, then the answer for your question won’t be answered by an Incredimail tech-support executive, but you can expect a replay from the forum contributor.To post a query on the Forum, first register yourself there and then Click on ‘Ask a question?’ link to post a question. That’s all about the two ways for a non-paid Incredimail user to contact the mail tech-support.

Need anything else support ?

Let us know if you need anything else. Just give us a call if you have any questions.

Incredimail support expert

Incredimail support expert : Call Toll Free : 1-855-785-2511

Incredimail support expert is an email client which is known for its easy-to-use ability and adding more fun and variety to the messages you send to your friends. Moreover, it protects all of your messages from spam, phishing and fraud attempts conveniently. You can make a real difference to the way you send mail to your friends through amazing gallery which consists of various themes such as sports, music, art, season, nature, fantasy, happiness, congratulation balloons, joyful bouncing, ice cream, happy family, puppies in love, dinner time, enchanting witch and fresh flowers.


What Incredimail Does For You?

Perion (formerly IncrediMail) not only develops e-mail client programs for home users but also successfully markets them globally. This email client for the MS Windows as well as Mac offers better options to insert e-cards, animations, e-mail backgrounds, sounds, emoticons, and 3D effects to the mails in a style. The mail client also extends support to standard IMAP4 and POP3 mail protocols. With the feature of HTML mail formatting, it has become the first choice of all. Other elements, such as animated notifications, an automatic spell-checker, advanced message filtering, and font style preferences, the email program keeps all of its users ahead of all.


Being available for free-of-cost, the email client is very easy to use, download, and add active email accounts and messages using a specific email manager. Moreover, its compatibility with other mail clients, including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo!, and Hotmail, makes it a perfect choice for its global users.

IncrediMail Migration Program

IncrediMail Migration program is a great help for anyone who is interested in migrating IncrediMail messages in other email programs, such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and Windows Live Mail. IncrediConvert Tool is a great option for data migration as it offers safe and perfect process to convert IncrediMail. Following options are possible with the tool:

  • IncrediMail to Mac Apple Mail Conversion with IncrediConvert Tool.
  • IncrediMail to Outlook Express Conversion with Superb IncrediMail Converter.
  • IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail.
  • IncrediMail to Thunderbird Converter.
  • Import emails from IncrediMail to Windows Mail.

With IncrediMail® Support And Customer Support Number from reliable resources, Incredimail users can easily migrate data from one mail account to another mail account without damaging data in a perfect manner.

Why Incredimail Technical Support?

Owing to excessive use and hindrances from technical glitches, it is possible that incrediMail users face unexpected issues and problems while using the software. Hence, users need to seek Incredimail Technical Support in order to get better solutions to resolve unexpected issues. By dialing an active Incredimail Support Phone Number, it is very easy to have instant support from an Incredimail Support Center.

Following are some of the common reasons for which you need to shake hand with independent provider of Incredimail Technical Support for 3rd party brands, products, and services for the email client. These include:

  • IncrediMail crashing with Windows 10.
  • IncrediMail is not sending mails.
  • Problems after Incredimail update.
  • IncrediMail crashes on sending mails.
  • IncrediMail running slow and freeze.
  • IncrediMail multiple receiving and crashes after upgrade.
  • IncrediMail doesn’t open a particular message.
  • IncrediMail refuses to talk to your email account.
  • IncrediMail prints in 56-point letters.
  • IncrediMail crashes when an email is deleted.

An independent tech support providing company offers you direct access to a tech support team when you get connected to it via a phone call. Following are some criteria that decide which tech support company you should choose. These include:

  • Global leader in offering unconditional and instant tech support.
  • 97% first call resolution.
  • A wide and exhaustive range of support plans matching needs of Incredimail users.
  • Cost-effective solutions at an affordable price tag.
  • A team of certified technicians and professionals.
  • Instant response from experts via Incredimail Support Phone Number.
  • 100% satisfaction with unmatched safety and security.

Real Incredimail Tech Support to Overcome Technical Issues

Incredimail is a great tool for sending emails friends who don’t use IncrediMail as the program. This email client allows your friends to get IncrediMail email without sticking on the option of email program or service types used by finder of the mails. Furthermore, users of other mail clients needn’t download IncrediMail or have any plug-in in order to view emails sent via IncrediMail.

Incredimail Technical Support availed from a reliable resource guarantees that you will get real tech support and help from tech experts in order to make the mail easy, innate, and easy to use, ensuring no compromise on the functionality of the mail. Following are the top five Incredimail products that always give a new look and appeal to your emails that you send to your friends. These include:

  • IncrediMail Plus
  • SmileBox
  • Protection Center
  • Gold Gallery
  • Letter Creator

If you are a user of Incredimail and are facing some sort of issues, then getting connected to an independent tech support providing company can make things quite easy for you and help you instantly get back in action with a more functional and performance-oriented email client.

Experts are experts as they know what is right and what is wrong. They know how to make things happen and help Incredimial users get rid of all unexpected issues and overcome all expectations in an effective manner.

Support Links From Third Party Technical Support Company

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