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How to fix Incredimail error 550

How to fix Incredimail error 550 | Nebraska

I receive the following error message while trying to send or receive my email:

Causes behind Incredimail error 550

  • Frequent changes in Incredimail program
  • Some spyware present in the system
  • Some unwanted program has overtaken the Incredimail and caused destruction to your data
  • Incomplete installation of Incredimail.

Phenomenal ways to fix Incredimail error 550

  • First of all, you need is to clear out all the junk and cache files from your system.
  • Then, you have to uninstall the program and reinstall it again.
  • After that, you have to install all the updates concerned with your windows.
  • Now, you have to check that all your updates are done correctly and in a proper way.
  • At last, follow the given screen instructions and complete the process.

Immediate solutions for error 550 Incredimail

Incredimail is one of the finest and most used email commuting brands. There are situations when users come across issues related to error and they are not able to solve single-handedly. So, for all this, you may reach out our customer support team. Just in case, for more help bang a call at our toll-free number.

Call +1-800-359-4380 (toll-free) for incredimail help and support.

Help with Gold Gallery Registration

Help with Gold Gallery Registration and Download Issues:

Gold Gallery Registration and Download Issues

Step #1 – Check License Registration

First, please right-click the IncrediMail tray icon (the orange envelope near Windows clock) and select Exit.

Any time you experience issues using your Gold Gallery feature, you should first make sure your License is registered correctly in IncrediMail.

To do so simply open IncrediMail, click the ‘Help’ menu (marked in red) and select ‘Licenses’ (marked in blue).

Simply reactivate your Gold Gallery license (remove it, then activate) and then check if the issue is corrected.


Step #2 – Try a different Browser

Try downloading Gold Gallery using a different browser than the one you currently use (Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome).

It could be that the browser settings prevent the Gold Gallery download process.

Step #3 – Reset Internet Explorer

You will need to reset your Internet Explorer settings.

Click here and follow the listed instructions to do so.

Please Note: Since IncrediMail uses Internet Explorer components, it is absolutely necessary to follow these steps even if you do not use Internet Explorer to download, or to browse the Internet.

If your download works correctly in Internet Explorer, but you would like to use Firefox or Google Chrome, please do the following:

Click here for instructions on resetting Firefox.

Click here for instructions on resetting Google Chrome.

Step #4 – Check Firewall

You will need to verify that your firewall isn’t blocking IncrediMail. To do so, please choose your Firewall from the list below:

  • Avast
  • Kaspersky
  • McAfee
  • Norton
  • Trend Micro
  • ZoneAlarm
  • Windows Firewall

If your Firewall program is not listed, please make sure that the following IncrediMail processes are all in the firewall’s ‘Approved Programs’ list:

  • IncMail.exe
  • IMApp.exe
  • ImNotfy.exe
  • ImpCnt.exe

If the issue wasn’t resolved, try to disable your firewall and then attempt to download from the Gold Gallery again.

Call  +1-800-359-4380 for more help and support.