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Incredimail application has stopped working: Incredimail is an advanced email program that incorporates some amazing features like animations, 3D effects, emotions, sounds etc. In addition to this, the application is completely free. This is the reason why it is gaining immense popularity at a very rapid pace. However, like any other application, the Incredimail is also susceptible to some issues and problems. Every now and then, we can see Incredimail users complaining that their Incredimail application has stopped working. This problem has become even more frequent after the recent Windows updates.

Incredimail application Issue

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If you are also an Incredimail user facing problems like Incredimail application not working, Incredimail not opening, Incredimail update issue then you should keep reading this post. Here, we will list down the possible causes of Incredimail application problem along with their solutions.

Why Incredimail application has stopped working?

The recent windows updates have adversely affected the work mechanism of Incredimail application. However, there are many more possible reasons why you are Incredimail errors and frequent Incredimail application crash. Some of these possible reasons are given below:

  • Incredimail Compatibility issue with the operating system you are using.
  • Missing or corrupted system files.
  • Problems due to damaged windows registry.
  • Incompatible drivers.
  • Your computer system not meeting the system requirement for using Incredimail program.
  • Incorrect configuration of email services.
  • Incorrect or incomplete Incredimail installation.

Apart from these, there can many more possible reasons behind Incredimail Crash on launch or while sending emails.

How to Fix Incredimail not working problem?

It is very important to find out the root cause of the problem before trying to fix the Incredimail issues. Given below are the steps by which you can fix each cause of the Incredimail problem. You should follow these steps one by one and check if the problem resolved or not after each step.

  1. System Requirement: First of all, you should make sure that your computer system fulfills all the system requirements for Incredimail application.
  2. Update Incredimail Application: Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Incredimail application. An outdated application can also be the reason why Incredimail has stopped working in your PC.
  3. Shutdown and re-open the Incredimail application: In case you are facing an error message, then you should close down the Incredimail application and then re-open it again.
  4. Reinstall Incredimail: In case the issue persists then you may uninstall Incredimail application from your PC. After uninstalling, you should download and install Incredimail from the official website.
  5. Manual configuration: If the problem continues then you should make some subtle changes manually as given below:
    1. Close Incredimail application and open Program files under C: drive.
    2. Open Incredimail folder followed by Bin.
    3. Rename the “PMC.dll” file to “PMC.dll.old”.
    4. Restart the application again and check if the problem gets resolved or not.

Points to Remember

  • You should note that Incredimail is an email client not the email service. The problem might be related to the email service you are using like, Gmail, yahoo etc.
  • If the Incredimail application is not opening or working even after following all the steps given above then you should run a deep virus and malware scan.

Call  +1-800-359-4380 for Incredimail Email Support.

Incredimail Phone Number Customer Service

Incredimail tech Support number for Windows 10

Incredimail Technical Support Phone Number | +1-800-359-4380 | Wisconsin

Incredimail is a free email client program as like Outlook or Outlook Express is a free email application which having many cool features like spam mail filter, backup of all the retrieved emails to incredible mail server, Ad blocker, 24/7 security feature, Junk mail monitor, Customized email message, built-in animated snaps, etc. The application is available both in free and premium versions. A major difference between the free version to its premium version is, premium users are entitled to contact the Incredimail Customer Support Phone Number to get the live customer support assistance, where as its free users are not entitled to use that feature so they need Incredimail technical support online helpline to solving all technical issues help of technician don’t worry Incredimail customer service is available for all free users where easily find solution of their problems.

If we talk a bit about its features, the very first thing that we came to notice was its email built in background animation feature; it’s an impressive feature to get the attention of the mail receivers. On a quick survey regarding this, we observed that its competitors haven’t had such feature as like IncrediMail Background animations. The premium versions of Incredimail even have much more features than its free version.

The apps creator said that Incredimail is absolutely free from all the malicious links, adware and other malware. It’s a Microsoft Certified Product.

Incredimail is offering reasonable Incredimail customer support to its end users. The premium (Incredible Plus) users can resolve the issues through the Phone support mode. To talk with their technicians, simply type ‘Help’ tab and then select ‘VIP Support’. (Note: If you can’t find the ‘Help’ tab then click the word ‘Menu’ added in the Upper right corner of the Incredible Main window.

As you know that around 70% users of Incredimail are subscribed for free. Those ones are not entitled to contact its support center either.

But still there are multiple alternate options are available to contact the Incredimail support for the free mail users.

Incredimail customer support Help Center page

Like Outlook, Gmail – the incredible mail also maintaining support Help Center page furnished with the solutions for all the frequently occurring questions.

Find the answers by section wise or simply search for the answer by searching with a relevant keyword in the search bar added to the top of that page.

Incredimail customer support via Forum

If the information provided in the Mail support help forum didn’t seems good. Then use this forum option to contact the incredimail technical support. Make sure that the query that you are going to add in the site was not asked by anyone before. In case anyone asked that same query before you, then the answer for your question won’t be answered by an Incredimail tech-support executive, but you can expect a replay from the forum contributor.To post a query on the Forum, first register yourself there and then Click on ‘Ask a question?’ link to post a question. That’s all about the two ways for a non-paid Incredimail user to contact the mail tech-support.

Call  +1-800-359-4380 (toll-free) incredimail technical support phone number.

Helpline Number for incredimail

Online Incredimail Technical Support for Windows 10

Helpline Number for Incredimail | Texas

Helpline Number for incredimail is a popular emails client used by millions of users. It is one of the mode of communication day to day life. IncrediMail® have many features but most popular is it’s emoticons, which makes it preferred email client. Not just emoticons but it is easy to setup makes it even more popular among its users. No doubt IncrediMail® is great email application but still people face problems like send/receive errors, email setup issues, not able to download IncrediMail®, installation/uninstallation problems. This is where we come to help IncrediMail® users.

We help people understand advantages of IncrediMail support and also check their computers and show them best way to use this great application for maximum efficiency. Our experienced tech experts help fix issues they face while using IncrediMail®. IncrediMail® is great email application if configured and installed correctly.How it Work :

Helpline Number for incredimail

Services offered in our IncrediMail® Email Support Plan will include:

  • Setup & configure IncrediMail® on your computer.
  • Fix Send/Receive errors.
  • Fix IncrediMail® account access issues.
  • Recover data from corrupt mail.
  • Recover lost passwords.
  • Backup and restore emails.
  • Setup and organize multiple accounts on IncrediMail®.
  • Customize IncrediMail® according to your preferences.
  • Block spam & phishing emails.
  • Protect account from hacking.
  • Fix slow and non-responding IncrediMail® account.
  • General troubleshooting.
  • Incredimail / Outlook is one of the most popular applications. It is used by people for sending and receiving emails. It is also considered as the best email service that offers various facilities to its users. You can easily send your data or exchange your data via Incredimail / Outlook. It is very useful for all people of all age groups and working in different fields like teaching, engineering, studying etc. Incredimail / Outlook helps to expand your business as well. It offers companies to reach the local, regional and international customers. We can easily send our files or data without spending money so it saves a mailing cost also. Incredimail / Outlook provides a facility to its users that is IMAP which is important for retrieving mails. Helpline Number for incredimail It allows its users more space in inbox so that they can have a lot of mails in their account. Here users don’t need to go back and back to delete unwanted mails and people can store as many mails as they want, now they don’t need to worry about read and unread mails. It offers so many amazing services that no one want this to be in trouble but we can face some technical issues while using Incredimail / Outlook that can stop us by using it. We can face these types of problems in Incredimail / Outlook;• Blocking of Incredimail / Outlook account• Incredimail / Outlook account hacking• How to Secure Incredimail / Outlook detail• Problem in filtering junk mails• Sending or receiving error messages• Low speed of Incredimail / Outlook server

    • How to recover your Incredimail / Outlook detail

    These are some common issues that people face occasionally. To solve these technical issues you need Incredimail / Outlook support service that helps you to get instant solution and provide you 100% satisfaction.

    Our expert technicians will help you to solve all kind of technical issues regarding Incredimail / Outlook service. You can contact us by chat and mails as well. We are available 24*7 so you can tell us your problem any time from any where.

Call Incredimail helpline number +1-800-359-4380 (toll-free).