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Incredimail technical support phone number 1855 785 2511

IncrediMail is an incredible email application with fantastic features and supplementary elements. It offers a good opportunity to the users to personalize their email messages in accordance with preferences using thousands of animated icons and notifiers. In addition, the email application brings in several other features such as IMAP synchronization, Photo Mail maker and visual inbox. Incredimail technical support 855 785 2511

But these aspects can only be utilized to their fullest when the email application works properly. Similar to other email client applications, IncrediMail is also exposed to some common Incredimail technical issues that you may come across while either sending or receiving email messages.

Incredimail tech support expert helps you in problem solving solution to every kinds of Email configuration issues. we provide 24/7 live technical support for any issue that you are facing. we have a technical team who is always ready to resolve any incredimail issues safely. Incredimail technical support 855 785 2511

You can get instant support for :-

  1. Setting up Incredimail
  2. Fix issue for sending and receiving Email
  3. Removing error messages from Incredimail
  4. Configuring incredimail with any Email address
  5. Recover your lost contact and email
  6. Problem with starting up Incredimail
  7. Slow working of Incredimail
  8. Other issue with Incredimail

Incredimail tech support value your precious time, we make a great effort to help you fix your all computer related issues that you are facing when you are using your Incredimail account. So just give a call away to our toll free number 1-855 785 2511 and we will be there to help you 24/7 with our certified tech experts.Icredimail providing Incredimail Support is our forte and flash player not working windows 10, incredimail technical support phone number 1-855-785-2511,is our company has mark a good position in the market through its technival support assistance for Incredimail .Our service of Incredi  mail , incredimail hotmail settings, incredimail support detach

What is Incredimail customer care or Incredimail technical support toll free number ??



Windows 10 Incredimail technical support

Providing Incredimail technical support is our forte and thus our company has mark a good position in the market through its technical assistance for Incredimail. Our services of Incredi mail tech support are meant for providing complete solutions in order to solve all issues related to Incredimail. We are backed by a team of skilled technicians who are well qualified and having years of expertise. These team members have in depth expertise in handling any sort of Incredimail issues. IncrediMail Support @ 855 785 2511

We provide certified help for various Incredimail Issues:


  • Fixing issues of importing and exporting contacts
  • Blocking sender in your e-mail
  • Stopping spam mails on e-mail
  • Retrieving deleted e-mails
  • Configuring multiple accounts on the e-mail client
  • Uninstalling outdated e-mail
  • Retrieving password for e-mail account
  • Troubleshooting errors when sending or receiving mails
  • Troubleshooting errors while upgrading over older versions
  • Installing, updating and configuring Internet security software
  • Helping in curbing any phishing or spamming attempt
  • Troubleshooting of Incredi mail
  • Repairing of Incredi mail
  • Upgradation of Incredi mail
  • Configuration of Emails on Incredimail
  • Furthermore, we have made our presence for you all the time i.e., 24×7 in order to provide you best technical solutions for your Incredimail at reasonable rates. Our technicians with their extraordinarily skills and knowledge are very helpful in resolving all issues related to Incredimail. This has helped us in gaining a competitive edge over other competitors. The team of our technicians and experts are well trained and having technical skills for all types of issues related to incredimail. IncrediMail Support @ 855 785 2511

    Unlimited Service and Instant Access to Expert Technician just give a call away to fix all your problem and issues.

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    Spam Blocker

    Spam Blocker is not scanning one or more Email Accounts : Call @ 1-855-785-2511

    Spam Blocker is not scanning one or more Email Accounts : Call @ 1-855-785-2511


    Spam Blocker can be set to scan all or only specific Email Accounts. If your Spam Blocker is not working correctly, please do the following:

    Please Note: You will also need ensure that the Spam messages you are receiving are not from Newsletters or other subscription letters. These are not Spam, and you will need to remove yourself from their mailing lists.

    These types of messages usually have an ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom which you can use to unsubscribe.

    1. In the main IncrediMail window, click the ‘Tools’ menu (marked below in red) and select ‘Email Accounts…’ (marked in blue).MENU_TOOLS_EMAILACC.jpg
    2. Select your Email Account, and click ‘Properties’(marked below in red).EMAIL1_properties.jpg
    3. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and verify that the ‘Apply the Spam Blocker when receiving messages to this account’ (as shown below in red) checkbox is marked.EMAIL1_ADV_MPC.jpg
    4. Click ‘OK’.

    Repeat the above steps for each Email Account set up in IncrediMail.

    Spam Blocker sends messages to my Deleted Items instead of my Inbox

    Step #1

    Please verify these messages are not marked as Spam:

    1. Click the ‘Tools’ menu (marked in red) and then ‘Message Rules…’ (marked in blue).MENU_TOOLS_messagerules.jpg
    2. In the ‘Message Rules’ dialog, check to see there is no rule that directs these messages into your Deleted Items folder.
    3. Now click the ‘Blocked Senders’ tab.
    4. If any of the Senders in the list are trusted, please select them and click the ‘Delete’ button.

    Step #2

    Please also do the following:

    1. Please click the ‘Protection Center’ icon (marked in red below) in the main IncrediMail window.MPC_ICON-LIST_on.jpg
    2. Now choose ‘Approved Senders’ (marked below in red).MPC_CENTER_approvedsenders.jpg
    3. Review the Approved Senders and Domains lists. If you do not see the Email Addresses of the Messages that arrive in your Deleted Items folder, please click ‘Add’ (marked below in red) and fill in their Name and Email Address.MPC_approvedsenders_add.jpg
    4. In the Protection Center dialog, click the ‘Settings’ button (marked below in red). Make sure ‘Automatically move messages not detected as Spam to the Inbox’ is marked, and ‘Move emails with an invalid return address to the ‘Spam’ folder’ is not marked.MPC_CENTER_settings.jpg