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Welcome to IncrediMail Support PageGet 24×7 instant IncrediMail Support by skilled & expert Technicians to help you download, install and setup Incredimail on both windows & mac.

Incredimail makes it really easy and quick for you to accomplish all your emailing tasks in few steps. Certified Technicians can help you on IncrediMail to work the way you do and also help to transfer IncrediMail contacts to other email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.

All we need is your permission to take remote access of your PC and provide out of the box support services & help you on emailing issues. Our technician will help you remove all Incredimail errors and problems by diagnosing and troubleshooting, help you migrate or transfer IncrediMail contacts, mails to other email clients. Even provide help to recover lost mails or contacts in IncrediMail ? call IncrediMail Tech Support.

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Smart Notifier Conditions

How do I set up Smart Notifier Conditions? Call @ 1-855-785-2511

How do I set up Smart Notifier Conditions? Call @ 1-855-785-2511

Smart Notifier Conditions is an IncrediMail Plus feature which enables you to designate a specific Notifier for incoming messages according to certain conditions, such the message’s Sender, or the incoming message Priority.

You have the following options for Smart Notifier conditions:

  1. When an email arrives from a specific email address – to be notified when messages sent from a certain Email Address is received.
  2. When an email is sent to a specific account – to be notified when a messages arrive to a specific Email Account configured in IncrediMail.
  3. When an email arrives with a certain priority – to be notified when a certain email has arrived with a certain Priority (High or Normal).
  4. When an email is sent to me and another specific email address – to be notified when messages arrive to your Email Address, and another Email Address.
  5. When an email arrives from an unapproved sender – to be notified when messages arrive from an Unapproved Senders.

Please Note: If you have more than one condition set, their order is important. Since only one Notifier will be shown when messages arrive, the first Notifier condition in the list that matches your incoming message criteria will always be applied first.


To use any of these Smart Notifier conditions:

  1. First open your ‘Notifier’ dialog by clicking the ‘Notifier’ icon (as marked in red below).ICONS_Notifier1.jpg
  2. Click ‘Smart Notifier…’ (marked in red) in the bottom left corner of the ‘Select Notifier’ dialog.Notifiers dialog
  3. To add a new ‘Smart Notifier’ condition, click ‘Add’ (marked in red).Smart Notifier window

Please Note: If this is the first time you’re using the ‘Smart Notifier’, the ‘Add Smart Notifier Condition’ dialog will appear automatically.


Now choose your condition from the drop-down menu under ‘Select a condition’:

  1. For messages received from a specific Email Address, choose ‘When an email arrives from a specific email address’ (marked below in red). Now enter one or more Email Addresses in the text area (marked in blue) or click ‘Contacts…’ (marked in green) to select Contacts from your Address Book.NOTIFIER_smartcondition_address.jpg
  2. For messages sent to a specific Email Account, select ‘When an email is sent to a specific account’ (marked in red). Now select a specific account configured in your IncrediMail (marked in blue).NOTIFIER_smartcondition_account.jpg
  3. For messages with a certain priority, select ‘When an email arrives with a certain priority’. In the second section (marked in red), select either ‘High’ or ‘Normal’Priority (marked in blue).NOTIFIER_smartcondition_priority.jpg
  4. For messages sent to yourself and to another specific email address, select ‘When an email is sent to me and to another specific email address’ (marked below in red). In the second section, enter one or more email addresses (marked in blue), or click ‘Contacts…’ (marked in green) to select Contacts from your Address Book.NOTIFIER_smartcondition_receiver.jpg
  5. For messages from an unapproved sender, select ‘When an email arrives from an unapproved sender’ (as marked in red).NOTIFIER_smartcondition_unapproved.jpg

Once you have chosen your Smart Notifier condition, select a Notifier from the ‘Select a Notifier’ area. When you’re finished, simply click ‘Ok’.