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Technical Support IncrediMail have changed but the popularity of IncrediMail is still intact. It was originally designed and developed with an intention of making email fun, by integrating flashy themes, expressive emoticons, animations, fonts, and sounds etc. Technical Support For IncrediMail+1-855-785-2511

Many organizations and institutes continue to use IncrediMail. Due to its impressive features – Apart from the fundamental activities pertaining to email. It also has spellchecker, flexible sorting, unique fonts, animations, e-card creator.

IncrediMail IT Support is equipped with the necessary expertise to resolve any difficulty related to IncrediMail. If you are looking at a top-notch Support For IncrediMail.  , look no further – IncrediMail IT Support is the perfect IncrediMail help.

Technical Support IncrediMail @+1855-785-2511

The exceptional technicians at Technical Support IncrediMail. The technical details related to IncrediMail issues. They can provide unmatched support of the following:

  • Installation and Set-up
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Post Office Protocols (POP) settings
  • Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) settings
  • Account Set-up
  • Privacy settings
  • Security settings
  • Configuration errors
  • Functional errors
  • Send/Receive email errors
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades

The Impact of IncrediMail IT Support

Upon spending a considerable amount of quality time in operating the concerned email client, IncrediMail IT Support has successfully crafted effective solutions to attend to the numerous issues faced by users across the globe. Our IncrediMail help support section is capable of addressing even the remotest of anomalies encountered while operating the email client. We consistently send IncrediMail help emails to our clients on time without fail. This has helped us in gaining widespread popularity in the community.

Technical Support For IncrediMail +1855-785-2511

Looking for a reliable technical support ? Don’t worry! This write-up will provide you with the best information that you can use to locate a perfect professional for the problem you are facing. IncrediMail justifies its name by offering incredible features and applications.
Incredimail technical customer service

Best Incredimail Technical Support in windows 10

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Incredimail is the world’s largest and famous company. Incredimail is one of the top email server on internet which allow you to send and receive email message to your friends. Through this the user can send message with added animated smiley’s, sounds wallpapers, icons, and 3D effects as well as cool stationery to their messages. This visual effect will amuse you every sense. Incredimail technical customer service 855 785 2511

Beside this wonderful features, Incredimail users might face technical difficulties while sending and receiving Email. at that time users need to contact our Incredimail technical customer service, which is very helpful to get rid of technical issues easily. This service is given by us to fix our Incredimail users who is facing problems and issues while using it. They are all well known that how to troubleshoot the Incredimail issues within a short period of time. Incredimail technical customer service

Common Incredimail issues are as follows :-

  1. Incredimail account login issues
  2. Incredimail software updating issues
  3. Customizable andpersonalized special features problem
  4. Unable to send and receive email
  5. Crashes and error message snag
  6. Troubleshooting of Incredimail
  7. Repairing of Incredimail issues
  8. Stoping spam email on email
  9. Blocking sender in your email in Incredimail
  10. Issue of retrieving deleted email in Icredimail

when Incredimail users are stuck into any above or another type of Incredimail problems or errors than users can take Incredimail customer support for instant customer help. So just give a call away to our technicians so that they can help you and fix your problems and issues that you are facing. Our customer support phone number is 1855 785 2511 which is 24/7 helpline to fi your issues. Incredimail technical customer service 1855 785 2511


Incredimail data

How do I restore my IncrediMail data to a new computer from my old computer

How do I restore my IncrediMail data to a new computer from my old computer or crashed hard drive? Call @ 1-855-785-2511

IncrediSupporter IncrediMail data file location
posted this on January 8, 2012, 15:23

 Incredimail data, folders, Email Messages and Contacts, Incredimail data file location first copy your personal IncrediMail folder to the Desktop:

  1. Right-click the IncrediMail Tray Icon and select ‘Exit’.
  2. Browse to the following location:WINDOWS XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Profile Name (Logon Name)\Local Settings\Application Data\IM\WINDOWS Vista/7: C:\Users\Your Profile Name (Logon Name)\AppData\Local Settings\IM
  3. Copy the ‘Identities’ folder to your Desktop.

To import your Email Messages and Folders, do the following:

  1. Open IncrediMail on the computer you wish to import to, click the ‘File’ menu, scroll to ‘Import and Export’ (marked below in red) and select ‘Import Messages…’(marked in blue).MENU_FILE_impexp_mess.jpg
  2. In the ‘Import Messages’ dialog, select ‘IncrediMail’ (marked below in red) and click ‘Next’ (marked in blue).IMPEXP_MESS_IM1.jpg
  3. Click ‘Select Folder…’ (marked below in green) and browse to the ‘Identities’ folder located on your Desktop to import your old email messages.IMPEXP_MESS_IM2.jpg

To import your Contacts, do the following:

  1. Open IncrediMail, click the ‘File’ menu, scroll to ‘Import and Export’ (marked below in red) and select ‘Import Contacts…’ (marked in blue).MENU_FILE_imp_AB.jpg
  2. In the ‘Import Contacts’ dialog, select ‘IncrediMail Address Book’ (marked below in red) and click ‘Next’ (marked in blue).IMP_AB_IM1.jpg
  3. Click ‘Select Folder…’ (marked below in green) and browse to the ‘Identities’ folder located on your Desktop to import your old contacts.IMP_AB_IM2.jpg


For More Information related to the Incredimail data file location, you Can visit Here