Fix IncrediMail Error

Fix IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003) in Window 10.

 Fix IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003) @ 1-855-785-2511

Fix IncrediMail Error an error massage reporting,“IncrediMail has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”.  The error further gives the crash report “Exception: BREAKPOINT (80000003).Faulting Offset: 00132BD2, Module: KERNELBASE.dll

 Fix IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003)

IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003) and recomanded for solution:

first you can try by doing all security updates but make sure that Incredimail is close while doing these.Update s all control panel . and than run a scan fix all registry files which is corrupted . if it does not work than see below


IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003)

  These error occur because Windows is pushing for some security updates

which is important due to these incredimail reporting these error report. These is not easy for normal computer user to fix by themselves reason why is because there are  many other sources comes at the time of fixing these issue.

so smart computer user higher some technical support company instead of wasting time and getting frustration.

We as a tech service provider experience so many customer facing these problem they told about it . Even we are also not giving any proper article for these solution is because we experience that solution are not same in any. If you are facing these error plese dont waste the time simply call for support @ +1-855-785-2511(toll free).

When you start IncrediMail it opens with a small error dialog stating the following error message: “IncrediMail has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience“. The error further goes on to say the following in the Crash Details “Exception: BREAKPOINT (80000003). Faulting Offset: 00132BD2, Module: KERNELBASE.dll

 The reason why the error occurs is because Windows pushed an update on around 31st Of December 2015 to your system; which conflicts with IncrediMail. This update is a security update for Flash Player (a plug-in) which is needed by IncrediMail to function. When the update is applied; it changes the features and restricts Flash Player and IncrediMail compatibility. As you can see further down in the crash details; the files it gives reference to are several instances of Flash.ocx.



Comcast Account Configuration

Comcast Account Configuration : Call toll free @ 1-855-785-2511

Comcast Account Configuration : Call toll free @ 1-855-785-2511

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