Incredimail Technical Support

Incredimail Technical Support: Contact us @1-855-785-2511

Incredimail Technical Support are as follows:

Known Issues (12)

  •  Application Crash on Launch
  •  Facebook Fix
  •  Blank Status Window

Gold Gallery – Download Content Problems (6)

  •  Help with Gold Gallery Registration and Download Issues
  •  Enable Cookies in Mozilla Firefox
  •  Reset your Internet Explorer settings

Frequently asked questions (24)

  •  Reset your Mozilla Firefox settings
  •  Reset your Google Chrome settings
  •  How do I correct a Crash in IncrediMail ?

Other IncrediMail Products & Services

Gold Gallery Questions and Answers (10)

  •  What is the Gold Gallery Subscription?
  •  How to register my Gold Gallery License
  •  How do I create a Photo Notifier?

IncrediMail Plus (9)

  •  How do I use Advanced Account Access?
  •  What are Smart Notifiers?
  •  How do I set up Smart Notifier Conditions?

Protection Center (11)

  •  Spam Blocker is not scanning one or more Email Accounts
  •  I do not wish to see the Link Scanner icon in messages (I want to check links manually)
  •  What is Protection Center?

IncrediBackup (2)

  •  IncrediBackup Overview
  •  How to install IncrediBackup

Purchase and Registration Questions (9)

  •  Purchase & Billing Issues
  •  How long does my Subscription last?
  •  Can I purchase a Gift Subscription for a Friend or Family member?

Other (2)

  •  IncrediGames
  •  Revert Search Settings

Getting Started

Getting Started with IncrediMail (12)

  •  IncrediMail introduces Web Browser
  •  How do I restore my IncrediMail data to a new computer from my old computer or crashed hard drive?
  •  Can I use a specific font for all my outgoing emails?

Get to know the Main IncrediMail Window (7)

  •  What are Personal Folders?
  •  What is the Deleted Items folder?
  •  What is the Sent Items folder?

Installation of IncrediMail and other… (17)

  •  How to download and install IncrediMail
  •  French IncrediMail Version – français
  •  German IncrediMail Version – Deutsch

Email Account Setup (13)

  •  How do I configure my Gmail Email Account in IncrediMail?
  •  How do I set up (or reconfigure) my Email Account in IncrediMail?
  •  How do I import my Email Account settings from another Email Client into IncrediMail?

Customizing IncrediMail (31)

  •  What are the tabs in the Address Book (Contacts, Popular, Favorites, Suggested and Groups)?
  •  How do I create an IncrediMail Identity?
  •  How do I add a Contact to my Address Book?

Video Tutorials (2)

  •  How to remove your registration code from IncrediMail
  •  How to setup a Smart Notifier in IncrediMail

Using IncrediMail

Working with Messages and Folders (13)

  •  How do I apply Message Rule changes to existing messages?
  •  How do I modify an existing Message Rule?
  •  How do I enlarge text in Sent or Received Messages?

Sending and Receiving in IncrediMail (6)

  •  How do I ONLY send messages (and not receive) in IncrediMail?
  •  How do I disconnect from IncrediMail after sending?
  •  How do I send and receive from a specific Email Account?

Using the New Message window (11)

  •  What are IncrediMail Style Box Animations?
  •  How do I compose/personalize a New Message?
  •  Setting Message Priority for Outgoing Messages

One thought on “Incredimail Technical Support: Contact us @1-855-785-2511

  1. I am working a computer for a friend and upgraded her computer from win xp to win vista and need to transfer her incredimail account & data to tne new windows vista.When I upgraded, a file was creaded called windows.old
    & has all the data from her old account.The new & old windows are on the same hard drive.Can you tell me how to transfer the data,I have reinstalled the program.THANKS

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