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How to Sync Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac by way of Address Book

Microsoft Outlook mac means to makes clear the process of synching Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac through Mac Address Book. The technique explained here is dependable in addition to correct until date. It is at rest counseled that users go after the instructions precisely to avoid facing difficulty. This will fundamentally save them time that would if not be exhausted on in search of Microsoft product support.

Outlook 2011 for Mac has been out for fairly a quantity of time at this time. Mac users who required using it on their Mac PCs have been mainly upbeat about it. Outlook 2011 for incorporates restored interface as well as numerous enhanced amenities as sync that wooed Mac users. Yes, you can sync your Mac deal with book by way of Outlook 2011.


  • Foremost backup your Mac address book (simply defensive). To do thus, open Mac address book, clack on the File menu, choose Export, in addition to then pick Address Book Archive. This will let you rub out the duplicates in addition to fetch in the clean backup contacts.


  • Put out of action any third-party sync facility that at present exists on your PC. It can be allowed afterward after Outlook 2011 has completed synching by way of the Mac address book.


  • Open Outlook 2011, clack on Outlook and then choose Preferences to open up Outlook Preferences. Clack on the Sync Services alternative in addition to then click to choose the box after that to Turn on Sync Services for Contacts. It will show the record of alternatives under. Choose the accounts to sync. Clack to choose Address Book in addition to then seal the window. When encouraged for a verification, click on the OK button.


  • In place of exiting to the Preferences in Outlook, clack on the Tools tab in addition to then choose Sync Services to revolve it on. If you feature complexity synching your address book, go after these steps.

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