Crash in Incredimail

How to fix Crash in Incredimail

How do I correct a Crash in Incredimail ?call support : 1-855-785-2511


Crash in Incredimail should work smoothly with no problem if you are using the latest version of the program, however crashes can occur for a variety or reasons (computer memory, incompatibility with other programs, corrupted files, etc) and you’ll need to take a few steps to diagnose the cause and correct the issue.

There are some known issues that cause IncrediMail crashes, which are listed below, and easily solved. If your issue is not listed, simply follow the solution steps provided to correct the issue.


  • Crash when sending/receiving using a Hotmail/Windows Live accountPlease reconfigure your Email Account. For instructions, please click here.
  • Crash during general Send/Receive (not Hotmail/Windows Live account)Update IncrediMail using the Full Setup File by clicking here. If this doesn’t help, please try the general steps listed below.
  • Crash when receiving messages or Notifications from Facebook

    The issue has been investigated, and is caused by a background sound attached to Facebook Notification emails. Please understand this issue is not related to IncrediMail, and occurs in other Email Clients (such as Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail) as well.
  • Random Crash 

    Try disconnecting the Facebook folder in IncrediMail. Simply right click the Facebook folder and select Disconnect.

  • Crash during Data and Settings Transfer 
  • Crash playing Videos or AttachmentsThis Error is usually caused by another application that conflicts with IncrediMail. Try uninstalling the program described in the Error Message
    (such as DivX, or a Codec Pack), and check to see if the Error continues.

For all other issues, please do the following:

  1. Update IncrediMail using the Full Setup File by clicking here.
  2. Please try disabling 3D Magic for Sending and Receiving:
    • In a New (or fully opened) Message, click the ‘3D Magic’ icon.
    • Now choose No 3D Effects and click ‘OK’ to close the ‘3D Magic’ dialog.

    Please Note: If you do not have 3D Magic installed or enabled, please click ‘No’ to continue.

  3. Please delete your Runtime folder. For instructions, please click here.
  4. Reset Internet Explorer. To do so, please choose your Internet Explorer version from the list below:
  5. Restart computer using MSCON. For instructions, please click here.
  6. Restart computer in Safe Mode. For instructions, please click here.

If none of these helped, please contact IncrediMail Support for further assistance.

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